Monday, 9 May 2011

KCWC Day 1 Butterick 3772

As you can see from this photo, it is nigh on impossible to get things done when a small person is around!  So, I started work at 6am while the house was asleep and quiet and manged to keep going until 7.30am.  

I had my usual mishaps caused by inexperience.  After overlocking one edge (rather beautifully if I do say so myself!) I didn't notice that another section of the dress was heading under the blade!  Luckily it left just a small nick which will be covered up.  I then managed to iron the interfacing on to the t-towel rather than one of the dress facings so had to cut out another.  One seam needed to be unpicked too.  Is it any wonder it takes me ages?!

I recently made a pair of pyjama trousers using the Oliver and S pattern and, as a novice sewer, really appreciated the clear, helpful instructions.  Other pattern companies could learn a thing or two. Following the instructions on this Butterick pattern, I stitched the curvy facings in place but when I turned them round to the inside, I found it looked very puckered.  I then remembered that the Oliver and S pattern had recommended making cuts in to the fabric on the curves to help them lie flat, so took the scissors to the facings and re-sewed.  Hopefully, I will know to do that immediately in the future but all these things come with experience. 

Not quite finished but all in all, a good day's sewing.


  1. I accidentally cut a dress with my serger recently too, except it was dead in the middle of the front dress panel. Had to start over. :(

  2. that's very committed of you to get up at 6! i love learning all the little tricks, my mum comes and tells me "you could do this, this and this you know" and it goes straight over my head, then a few months down the line I try it and hey presto - a new method!


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