Sunday, 8 May 2011

MillaMia Carlota Dress

As I like to knit while watching TV, I always grind to a halt when things need extra concentration, such as picking up neckline stitches or sewing up.  The two pieces of this dress took me about one month to knit but about nine months to finish off!

Am I the only one who wishes patterns gave more advice on sewing up?  For example, this pattern simply says "sew on pockets" but some advice on the distance from the side seams would have helped and pointers on how to make the edges of the pockets look as professional as those in the photos.  

I've made a number of attempts but just haven't been able to attach the pockets as cleanly as I would have liked.  They shout 'amateur!' to me!  I'm really pleased that I used the mattress stitch method  to sew up the sides as they at least look neat.

Millamia is the work of two Swedish sisters and their Scandinavian heritage accounts for the interesting colour combinations.  I am so glad I followed the suggested colourway as it works well and I would never have been so brave!  

I made the largest size so this dress should still fit my little girl next winter.  It's the most expensive thing in her wardrobe so it has got to!


  1. Hi, I'm making this dress for my little angel, thank you for showing a photo of the back, so I know when to start decreasing for the neck. I've found that mine is coming up very large; at least it will fit her for another couple of years.

  2. I'm just starting to knit this in the largest size (I've converted the pattern to work in the round) and I've almost used up the whole ball of scarlet in the bottom stripe. I've checked the gauge and the number of stitches etc - can I ask did you have buy more wool than was recommended in the pattern?

  3. Yes, I had to buy another ball of scarlet and one other, I seem to remember - lilac?


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