Friday, 20 May 2011

KCWC - the rest of the week

A challenge indeed!  Oh how I gawped at the beautiful pieces everyone else made whilst I only just managed to complete one (simple) dress.  

Some sewing machine problems, some inexperience problems, more thinking than doing.

I am very pleased with the finished article though and my little girl has tested it for ease of movement and approved.  

The pieces for the Oliver and S ice cream dress are all cut out and ready to go.  I might not have been able to do one  hour of constructive sewing each day but the challenge has been a success for me as it has reawakened my desire to sew.  Thank you Elsie!

Monday, 9 May 2011

KCWC Day 1 Butterick 3772

As you can see from this photo, it is nigh on impossible to get things done when a small person is around!  So, I started work at 6am while the house was asleep and quiet and manged to keep going until 7.30am.  

I had my usual mishaps caused by inexperience.  After overlocking one edge (rather beautifully if I do say so myself!) I didn't notice that another section of the dress was heading under the blade!  Luckily it left just a small nick which will be covered up.  I then managed to iron the interfacing on to the t-towel rather than one of the dress facings so had to cut out another.  One seam needed to be unpicked too.  Is it any wonder it takes me ages?!

I recently made a pair of pyjama trousers using the Oliver and S pattern and, as a novice sewer, really appreciated the clear, helpful instructions.  Other pattern companies could learn a thing or two. Following the instructions on this Butterick pattern, I stitched the curvy facings in place but when I turned them round to the inside, I found it looked very puckered.  I then remembered that the Oliver and S pattern had recommended making cuts in to the fabric on the curves to help them lie flat, so took the scissors to the facings and re-sewed.  Hopefully, I will know to do that immediately in the future but all these things come with experience. 

Not quite finished but all in all, a good day's sewing.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

MillaMia Carlota Dress

As I like to knit while watching TV, I always grind to a halt when things need extra concentration, such as picking up neckline stitches or sewing up.  The two pieces of this dress took me about one month to knit but about nine months to finish off!

Am I the only one who wishes patterns gave more advice on sewing up?  For example, this pattern simply says "sew on pockets" but some advice on the distance from the side seams would have helped and pointers on how to make the edges of the pockets look as professional as those in the photos.  

I've made a number of attempts but just haven't been able to attach the pockets as cleanly as I would have liked.  They shout 'amateur!' to me!  I'm really pleased that I used the mattress stitch method  to sew up the sides as they at least look neat.

Millamia is the work of two Swedish sisters and their Scandinavian heritage accounts for the interesting colour combinations.  I am so glad I followed the suggested colourway as it works well and I would never have been so brave!  

I made the largest size so this dress should still fit my little girl next winter.  It's the most expensive thing in her wardrobe so it has got to!

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Ham House

I knew I was pushing my luck when recently I tried to look around a National Trust property with my three year old in tow. I determinedly attempted to ignore her protests for a couple of rooms but had to admit defeat when she yelled "I need a poo!".  Ahhhh, works every time.  

So our recent visit to Ham House completely ignored the "400-year-old treasure trove" and concentrated on following the kids trail, running around the formal lavender parterre, 

running around the informal wilderness area with its four summerhouses (I want one!) 

and eating the kids lunch box outside the wisteria draped tea room.

Then a quick walk alongside the Thames, back to the car. 

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Cinnamon buns!

Having read about the Nordic Bakery in three or four blogs recently, I popped in to try a cinnamon bun.

It defeated me!  It was big enough for two!
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