Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Tait - Rowan Kids

This little top has been a hit for both me and my daughter.   

I enjoyed knitting it as I mainly did it sitting on a sun lounger while keeping an eye on my little girl playing on the beach.  

My little girl loves it because of the colour (what is it with girls and pink?!).  It is a perfect light-weight layer which doesn't get in the way of any play activities or make her too hot.  

As I was knitting it, I thought the ribbing band around the hood and neck should be more rigid and structured but now I think the floppy nature of the yarn and the design is absolutely just right.

I'm sure I'll be knitting this in a larger size but hopefully the pink phase will have passed by then...........!

My Ravelry notes are here.


  1. it's sweet! i have a 7yo that would love a similar one in pink or purple ;-)

  2. Oh! I love this too! I think that my babe would want this in purple :-)


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