Friday, 24 February 2012

Millamia Clementin Scarf

The scarf my little girl is wearing is the Clementin Scarf, a free pattern from Millamia.  It was the perfect project to work on while watching telly as it is just rows and rows and rows of 3 x 3 rib.  The yarn, four balls of Soft Merino, was a January sales bargain; a half price Millamia boxed kit for making a cushion.  

My little girl prefers to wear it around her neck in the same style as I wear mine, which rather defeats the point of having pockets!

Mind you, I should probably encourage that style as look what I discovered she had ..ahem.. 'borrowed' from a cafe!

Ravelry details here.


  1. Lovely! hope it is OK if we link to this from our facebook page? Katarina @millamia


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