Sunday, 9 October 2011

The After School Energy Booster


My little girl now attends three hours of nursery school each day.  She loves putting on her school uniform, picking up her book bag and setting off on her birthday scooter.  I too am loving her going to nursery.  It's like reclaiming nap-time but now with the added bonus of being free to leave the house - yippee!  Another bonus is that she is exhausted so falls to sleep very quickly and sleeps right through to 7am or beyond.  Yippee again!

I've been thinking that it must be my motherly duty to have some kind of cake or biscuit to offer when she scoots back home after a hard afternoon of playing (although she always claims to have done "nothing" when I ask her what she's been up to).  

When asked what cake she would like, she said strawberry so my first after-school offering is a strawberry pink fairy cake, with a white icing and glace cherry topping applied by my little helper / taste tester. 

1 comment:

  1. They are always starving after school, raiding the cupboard is a daily occurence here...


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