Friday, 22 April 2011

Royal Wedding Slight Temperature

During a trip to town, I was on the lookout for signs of royal wedding fever.  I had to look very hard.  The few shop window displays I saw dwelt on tea and cake or sarcastic slogans about the extra day off.  However the sight of all the Union Jacks fluttering in the sunshine on Regent Street brought a tear to my eye!


At the moment the nation seems pretty oblivious to the whole event with very little excitement being shown or media coverage of the dress, the guests, the honeymoon.

Perhaps we're not too bothered because it's only Prince William, who isn't even the Prince of Wales, or perhaps it's because we all got involved in the marriage of Charles and Di and look what a farce that was, or perhaps it's just because the royal family is no longer much of a mystery to us?  

No doubt we will warm up to the day as it draws closer, even if it's only because it's the start of a long bank holiday weekend. 

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