Wednesday, 27 April 2011

KCWC Spring 2011

I am delighted that Elsie Marley is running the Kids Clothes Week Challenge again. I can't wait to get started!  As well as the challenge of finding an undisturbed hour a day to sew, I've added the extra challenge of using only patterns and material from my (ridiculous) stash.  I've loads of cottons, buttons and interfacing too so hope I won't have to spend anything at all. 

I've taken part in the Spring challenge before (under another name) and found it really motivating.  I managed to complete a skirt and a dress, which both can be worn this year too. The Autumn round defeated me though as I couldn't make the time. This year it's my intention to get to work first thing in the morning, before the household awakes, else the day can easily slip away from me. I am determined!  

I also intend to do the pattern tracing and cutting in advance so that my hour is really spent on construction and completion. 

I'm (ambitiously) planning:  

Project 1 Butterick 3772 View A in a read and white polka dot cotton.  The material was a charity shop find cost just #1.75 for 2 metres.  This should be super-quick to complete, although the button holes will test me.  Having compared the body measurement chart to my little girl's statistics and having placed on the pattern a similar dress which currently fits, I've decided to make a size 6.  I'd rather it was too big than just the right size as it can always keep for another year.  

Project 2 is an Oliver and S ice cream dress in size 5.  The cottons I'm using were both bought on a recent trip to Japan.  The patterned fabric is by Fumika Oishi D's Selection.

Project 3 is the blouse version of the ice cream dress and this time my fabric choice is literal!  It's Confections from Robert Kaufman which I picked up at the Birmingham Festival of Quilts last year.  This feels a bit of a risk as the size of the design could overpower my little girl and it all might be a bit sickly sweet.  However, if you can't wear a themed print when you're three, when can you?!

If time allows, I'd like Project 4 to be the completion of a ruffle skirt which I started a year ago.  The material is very slippery and frustrating to work with but I'd like another try.  

Ambitiously, I have projects 5 and 6 lined up too.  These two prints were purchased from The Eternal Maker about eighteen months ago to be made into Oliver and S Lazy Days skirt.  Will I get that far........................?!?

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