Monday, 16 June 2014

Shabden Farm on Open Farm Sunday

As part of the Open Farm Sunday event, we paid a visit to Shabden Farm to watch the sheep being sheared by the appropriately tattooed farmer!

In no time at all, the whole coat was off.

If I remember rightly, that should fetch £2.50 (up about a pound up on last year's prices) and will probably end up as carpet as British wool is too coarse for clothing fabric.

The sheepdogs that had been waiting, quivering, alongside the sheep pen, gave a demonstration of their job.  These are very much working dogs, with a killer's glint to their eyes! 

I watched the shorn sheep waiting on the other side of the fence, moving in tandem with the rest of their flock as they were being rounded up.

 And chose the beef option for my lunch.............

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