Friday, 4 April 2014

Camper Van!

During one of our Cornish holidays, my little girl and I competed to see who would be the first to spot and yell "camper van" as we drove around the winding coastal roads.  Three years on we still do it, although it also now includes pink cars and pink houses!

Last weekend, we visited the VolksWorld Show expecting to see too many camper vans to count.  We went in just a couple of hours before it finished so it was beginning to slow down but there was still plenty to keep us occupied.  

I was interested in all the colour and the personalisation of the interiors and dashboards, whereas my little girl was more concerned with getting an icecream with sprinkles, having a go on the bouncy castle, watching the skateboarders and nagging for a koinobori, a carp-shaped windsock! 

We spend quite a lot of time in the car each week and there aren't many journeys where we don't yell "camper van" at least once.  

It's no wonder these jolly-looking vehicles are still so popular and earn such devotion from their owners.  What adventures those old ones must have had, what tales they could tell!  If I had one, I would take it to Cornwall .... and beyond!

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