Thursday, 9 August 2012

London Olympics 2012 - Sailing at Weymouth

As we were spending a few days on the south coast, we decided to make a little side trip to Weymouth.  The sailing was taking place at Portland, just around the corner from Weymouth beach and so just out of sight but I'd read that TV screens were set up on the beach to follow the action.  

I'd imagined that the screens would be visible to the whole beach and that I could glance up from my ice-cream to check the latest whilst my little girl enjoyed the sand and sea.  

Instead, there was a ringed enclosure at one end of the beach, with portaloos, plastic matting walkways, lots of grey metal fencing and people corralled in and sitting in the sand.  It was grim, like an airport when all the planes have been delayed! Bit of a shame.  

The beach was much more fun!

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