Wednesday, 18 July 2012


You can't have too many white cardies, can you?! This one is Dolly from Rowan Kids, using All Seasons Cotton.  The combination of quite large needles plus the thick yarn makes it seem as if the pieces are almost knitting themselves, it's flying off the needles! 

The book I'm reading is a spin-off from the tv programme Time Team.  Despite it being on air for nineteen years, I've only just discovered it and am now totally hooked! Luckily(?!) old episodes seem to run on a loop on the Discovery History channel.  I learn something new each time I watch it - but have yet to find out why archaeologists never visit the barbers!

Joining in with Ginny's Yarnalong.


  1. What a pretty white sweater and it sounds like it is soft too.
    I have not heard of that tv show and now am curious to see it.

  2. that yarn looks beautiful! i've never knitted anything white but this makes me want to cast on something white right away!

  3. The white is lovely! Although, I think I am too scared of white, I will most likely stain it, or someone will...

  4. I love white but have yet to knit a cardi in white. Interesting book and show, I've not heard of either and now must check them out :)

  5. Ooh, your white cotton looks gorgeous!
    I can't believe Time Team has been going for 19 years...

  6. Oh, Tony Robinson's 'The Worst Jobs in History' was shown here in the US on one of the "educational" networks. We loved it—really fascinating stuff. I've never seen 'Time Team' here, though.

    You're brave, knitting white cardigans. My children are so rough on their clothes, I'm afraid to knit anything that won't hide stains well! xo

  7. Love the cardi- really prety in white too.

  8. I love cardigans in any color!! So keep collecting them :)


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