Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Yoke Jacket Yarnalong


Joining in with Ginny 

Ramona's not finished yet but that hasn't stopped me from starting something new! It's the Yoke Jacket 1781 from Sirdar. I've made it once before for my little girl and my mum's knocked out a couple of versions too so it is most definitely a favoured pattern.  I'm making it in pure white for the summer.  I've lived in England long enough to know a cardie is essential during June, July AND August! 

My one complaint (apart from the weather) would be that the Snugly yarn really dries my hands out.  It's 55% nylon, 45% acrylic so not a scrap of wool in sight which might be why we've been reading The Sleep Sheep by Anna McQuinn and Hannah Shaw this week! 

It's a funny little read with some counting practice and busy pictures  to study which give us lots to talk about.

I decided to miss out the word 'elderly' when reading this bit though! 

The Spring Tee that I wrote about in a previous Yarnalong is finished and can be viewed here (if you're interested!).


  1. Beautiful cables!
    And I love children books with knitting in :) Totally agree with you on leaving the word elderly out ;)

  2. can i say how jealous i am that a spring cardi is necessary in the months of june, july, and august? wondering if i can convince the mr. to move to england so i can wear handknits year round...


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